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I changed my theme because people were talking shit about Julio Cesar.

Will stay like this as long as I want to u.u

Thanks for visiting my blog and spending enough time on it to actually send me anon hate.

Oh, and don’t even bother trying to compromise my password as you threatened because I have two step authentication enabled ;)

Have a nice day!

Well, my dash did a thing…

Argentina: *hits german player in the face causing him to bleed*
Ref: are u ok
German player: ...
German player: no im fucking bleeding
Ref: he's fine keep playing no yellow card
Germany: what the hell im bleeding my face off

New images from Rio!


It’s a win win situation


Cuz it’s not a World Cup game unless the ref is shit


Well it’s fair to say the Brazilian children have not lost pride in their team. Especially this little girl :P

Finally the Netherlands made a legal goal

"Get out of my sight
Get out of my match
Get out of my stadium
Get out of my cup
Get out of my country
Get fucking out of my planet! And I’m keeping this ball!

"She called you a bitch and asked your crush out"

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